"Gold mine" to be recycling system

"Gold mine" of urgent recovery system: "don't feel like e-waste dangerous goods, it was a gold mine." These "scrap" commensurate high metal content, and other substances such as plastic, as can transform or "treasure".
currently covers an area of more than 20 acres of life waste transfer station has also been set aside for electronic waste sorting sites, cycle economic zone also reserved the items. E-waste from waste, recycling, to deal with all aspects of given specification, specific manufacturers, distributors, service, recycling, recovery of enterprise liability. In the electrical market, vendors say. Government actively encourages and advocated business involvement, and gradually improve the existing recycling system. It is impossible "to swallow" the social sources of WEEE, WEEE end where "home"? Eliminated without
home appliance, sold "recyclers" after the stream to where?
only by establishing an orderly recovery of trading system, forming the "same price, same service, same disposition" "regular army", and "guerilla" competition. Perfection of the legislation will effectively constrain the current waste electrical appliances market, improve the waste of resources and environmental pollution problems. For example, Pentium 4 processor, hard disk 120G sold to 3380. Electrical out quickly, many will eventually flow back to rural areas. "Accessories must be better, could be sold to the country. When appliances ultimately abandoned, if without treatment, but only simple landfill, incineration, will cause serious pollution to groundwater, soil, air, or even poisoned people, or produce carcinogenic substances. When trying to sell computers and a TV set, some store owners are warm greetings "old computer recovery 200, 18-inch TVs for 100 Yuan. E-waste recovery and treatment inadequate laws and regulations, are also restricting the development of a "bottleneck".
is back in June 2004, however it was approved as a specialized e-waste trading, classification, disposal and utilization of professional enterprises, the city already has junk trading station over more than 270, such as adding several major trading center, CRT picture tube recycling, plastics and plastics factory, you can achieve the maximum utilization of resources. The subject of the study on the present situation and countermeasures of e-waste. "Ningbo scrap company in accordance with the EU WEEE directive, e-waste include 10 categories and more than 100 kinds of products, such as computers, television sets, telephones, cell phones, air conditioning, electronic toys, etc. Follow progress in living standards, a lot of old household appliances into the phase-out period, e-waste is becoming a general topic of globalization.
JIU jiadian heavily in the countryside: Ningbo recycling company found that "useless parts away, useful to sell, it's that simple. Better configuration of computers, and in the secondary market are worth a fortune.
actively involved in the improvement of legislation: what to do with electronic waste also gave rise to the height of the relevant parts of face. "Most of these stores is bought and sold. "Compared to a large family of electronic products, from just one very small part of the enterprise. Current WEEE recycling in the street level of "guerrilla" buyout, and they also own the network, formed in several major markets. Ningbo recycling company learned from the relevant parts, electronic information products pollution and prevention control measures, the used electrical household appliance recycling governance regulations and the waste electrical and electronic products pollution control policies and other related laws and regulations is expected in the near future, "introduction." Even academics are bullish on electronic waste recycling costs, companies invest tens of millions of capital may face "cooking without the meter." BACK
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