Recycling glass-red containers using social and economic effects

National urban waste collect survey data show that
1 and separate collection of paper are widely available, has a long history. But most of the world is still the collection together with plastics and other ingredients, only a few cities are designed to collect paper. Most of the collected waste paper is a paper mill. Recycled pulp, can be substituted for wood pulp raw material in General, paper component recycling can only reach 2. Therefore, the paper components in municipal solid waste is too low. If less than 0. might not be economically viable. United States city paper accounted for over 40% of waste composition, the economic effect is very good.
about recycling paper, economic efficiency is a key issue because the economic benefits of the separate collection of waste paper collected not compensated at all costs, and John, it is difficult to the collection and use of waste paper. Some countries tend to waste paper recycling and waste disposal is divided into two systems, facilitate the recovery and utilization of waste paper. In addition, also broke the traditional concept of waste paper as raw material, and development of other ways, such as into a ball for a thermal power plant auxiliary fuel; Hui-biological production of single cell protein and glucose.
2, glassy Swiss classification collection and Lu class collect mainly glass recycled glass containers (that is, various types of glass red bottle) collects and other pieces of the old glass of Swiss material collected. Rui sorted collection, made of transparent glass and coloured glass, and mixed collection mode can be used. European countries, for promoting the recycling of glass, often by the agreement signed between the Government and glass manufacturing. Some local municipalities, classification and collection of Credit Suisse on the GF incentives in order to increase employment opportunities. Some glass Swiss recycling has nothing to do with urban garbage treatment, classification and collection of glass by a private company, the scope of their activities is not subject to the Canton city even in glass collected by the Swiss legal provisions are not considered "waste" because of the cooperation of residents, separate collection of glass, especially glass red container recycling to achieve better social and economic results. BACK
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