Reasonable treatment of waste plastics in your life

In daily life we see trash everywhere contains a lot of recyclable material. Including plastic bottles, scrap metal, waste paper and glass. Now common look, plastic bottle recycling is what to do with:
here for a brief introduction. Recovery workers mixed with a variety of recycled material of refuse at garbage collection stations. Then, when the recycling bin trash saturated, will use the trucks to transport the waste to waste disposal there is strict separation of large equipment, through this process, waste paper, glass, plastics and metals are separated. Plastic will be separated into a compression function of plastic compaction machine-packed, be greatly compressed volume. Is compressed into a package, package will be to clean, remove the CAP, with dehydration dehydration and so on ... These are preparations. Wash plastic bottle plastic shredders will be crushed, uses high temperatures to melt it down, cooling granulation, subsequently as raw materials sent to the factory for reproduction. Recycling is easy to us, when we recycle at the same time, we are saving the trees, forests, animals, and even the whole world ... In the production process, you save raw materials while making our planet healthy and make us less dependent on oil, thus forming a virtuous circle enabling economic and social development.
you reached for the moment is to save the Earth, throwing garbage when choose the trash throw plastic bottles, Earth reduced waste, shifting his own health. BACK
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