Recycling industry in China to achieve substantive results

As a national pilot city for WEEE recycling, has two major advantages, one is a well-known home appliances manufacturing enterprises to actively participate in; b is shaping the green Olympic city of opportunity.
domestic appliance manufacturing center, with Haier, Hisense and aucma 3 large well-known home appliance manufacturer, has a national research and Development Centre and a wealth of technical and human resources, product from white goods, Brown goods to computer a wide range of information products. Haier refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, washing machines top 4 leading product has about 30% in the domestic market share. For the protection of the ecological environment and comprehensive utilization of resources, under the State 863 plan project of Haier in China earlier in WEEE recycling technology, while the introduction of foreign advanced electronic waste treatment technology, high starting point in building e-waste centralized treatment demonstration Center, electronic waste has been harmless, reduction and resource recovery.
in addition, the partner city of Beijing to host the 2008 Olympic Games, will host the sailing events at the Olympics Games. Hosting the Olympic Games not only brought huge changes to economic development and urban construction, but also to the ecological environment protection and construction has brought a good opportunity. Therefore, the recycling company of Ningbo attached great importance to WEEE recycling pilot project.
official believes that do this pilot work and improve utilization of electronic waste processing and, to promote the development of electronic waste treatment industrialization, will help protect the ecological environment, achieving sustainable development strategies; and it's easier for home appliances manufacturing enterprises to gain experience and accumulate data and knowledge, and to guide the green design of home appliances, from the source to ensure the recycling of home appliances and electronic products have good performance. BACK
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