In the flea market find how good air conditioning maintenance

Today many consumers like to go to the flea market on Taobao, and if lucky, a newly bought central air conditioning may in the flea market less than half price. Everything from appliances to Office supplies, used much lower prices than new price, here, to share second-hand air conditioner points during daily use, because the garage was used by others, and how maintenance is very important.
, protection of condenser and evaporator fins. The condenser and evaporator fins is 0.15 mm of aluminum into a brass tube, and can't afford to crash if the damaged fins (rewind), will affect the air conditioning cooling effect, reduce cooling efficiency. Therefore, pay special attention to protecting.
II, regular cleaning of the air filter. General 2-3 cleaned once a week.
steps: remove the Panel; taking the air filter clean air filter. Place the air filter under the tap and flush, because filter plastic box with polyester suppressed by, so not available more than 40 ℃ hot water to prevent shrinkage. Water filter online can be dried after cleaning, insert Panel, installed air conditioning.
third, the correct choice of fuses (fuse). The rated current indicated by product specification to select the fuse specification, cannot afford insurance, is too small it often a fuse.
four, always wipe the outer surface of the air conditioner, especially the Panel in order to keep the air clean. Every six months for an outdoor cooling used fur brushes for cleaning dust. Each year to remove the movement, the fan motor bearings into appropriate lubricating oil, cooling systems have to deal with, as long as the clear appearance of dirt.
v, preventing electrical systems from moisture. Damp after the leakage of the electrical system. So avoid electrical system parts into the water, especially the dog days, the rainy season, but also to pay attention to moisture.
six, note the air conditioning running sound. Abnormal sizzle when you hear the air conditioning at run time, such as metal, motor buzzing, casing vibration and the sound should immediately check the reason for the shutdown, must not blindly continue to use, so as to avoid greater damage.
seven, the use of water-cooled air conditioning, when refrigeration systems work, and shall not close the water supply. Installed in the outdoor air cooled condensers, every 1-2 months to clear the dust. Winter downtime, water-cooled condenser water should be drained to prevent cracking! BACK
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