Residents awareness of recycling needs to improve

Related industry, "said plastic bags, bad bread, milk bags, these can all be recycled. "Recycling is not only the people of paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth of the five categories, like kitchen waste and other garbage can be recycled, but few are aware of this.
"in Taiwan, each has four bins, different garbage into different boxes, cleaners door-to-door to collect, not complying with the provisions to residents of garbage is to be punished. "The experts said," in most of our cities, many residents do not have waste awareness of national policy advocacy is also insufficient. "
on it, and deep experience. On the main roads of the city, reporters noted the garbage is recycled and recyclable signs, but few people will notice it.
"the importance of waste should also be widely publicized to the residents and solve the classification categories, classification issues such as labelling and standards to guide residents are correctly classified, garbage recycling benefits maximized. "Experts believe that solid waste recycling technology should be put on the agenda of the Government, establishment of waste sorting centres and resource utilization of factories and other facilities, and drive the development of the recycling industry and related industries, encourage resource recovery and comprehensive processing technology industry. BACK
Waste recycling
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