Meet air conditioning problems in using the solution

Air conditioning not cooling we are using air conditioning often encountered in the course of one of the most common problems, when this happens, usually call for specialized maintenance personnel to maintenance, but sometimes we can solve it yourself, save time and save money, below are briefly introduced some problems often encountered in the course of an air conditioner using!
(1) ambient temperature is high, people and more air conditioners work full load, export of wind is blowing out cold, but the room temperature goes down, this is not a fault. When the ambient temperature is higher than 33 c, outside into the heat, increase the air conditioner cooling load; if the room number, for example, 20 square meters room when 2500W refrigeration capacity, if 10 people sitting in the room still. Each heat for 120W, 1200W 10 man, would use up half the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is to be done, the room temperature does not fall. This is a normal phenomenon, can't say the air conditioner does not work.
(2) power supply voltage is too low, causing air conditioner not starting, starting again after stopping or blow a fuse, and so on. This is not a fault, just check the power supply cause, is a grid voltage is too low, users should install the power voltage regulator, voltage 220V, making air conditioners for normal use.
(3) opened in the cold block, room temperature does not fall, outlet air volume is small, it is air filter dust limits, blocking the air flow, causing flow air machine cooling capacity cannot be brought out in a timely manner, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity. This is not the fault, just remove the filter to clean, you can return to normal.
(4) when the document is opened in the cold fan running at top speed, vibration and noise is large, this is a normal phenomenon.
(5) thermostat adjusted properly, not perform cooling functions, resulting in cold room and wound up, after adjusting the thermostat will be resolved.
(6) heat pump type air conditioner, heat in the cooler winter are not ideal, this is normal. For no automatically except cream of hot pump type air conditioner, it using of minimum environment temperature is lingshang5℃, below this temperature on not business hot or effect is poor, this is because external heat exchanger Shang product cream blocked has air flow, cannot again from outside inhalation heat of sake; for has automatically except cream of hot pump type air conditioner, it using of minimum environment temperature is-5 ℃, below this temperature also cannot effective business hot.
(7) air conditioner installation location is not good, can also lead to uneven or poor cooling effect of indoor temperature, to resize the installation location of the air conditioner.
air conditioner use during the phenomenon appears to be failures, but in fact is not a fault. So when there is a cooling effect is not satisfied with the situation, get rid of these seven reasons. In case is normal and ask someone to repair, spend money. BACK
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